Cornerstone Background Check Form

For your conveninece you may print a copy of the form below. Please complete the form and
submit it to the Office of the Jurisdictional Secretary along wih your payment of $28.00



Anyone who is appointed to any position must now have the criminal background check and the online sexual misconduct course completed before they will be issued any credentials. You must take the Sexual Misconduct Training Course and successfully complete it before you can be certified. After completing the course, an additional link will appear to access the payment page to be certified. The cost is approximately $15.00

How to take the Sexual Misconduct Course

  1. Click on
  2. Create an ARC Log-In account (if you previously had an ICAS User ID/email and password, you should log in using that information)
  3. Once you have created an ARC Log-In account, you will need to email and notify the jurisdictional secretary department ( with your first and last name so that your account may be "activated". Note: you will not be able to move forward with completing the Sexual Misconduct Training Exam until your account is activated.
  4. LOG-IN
  5. Under the General ARC Dashboard -> Pre-Requisites -> Sexual Misconduct Training
  6. Log-in using your same ARC Log-In account information
  7. Complete Training (Approximately 25 min.)
  8. Pay $15.00 for certification and fees
  9. Print or Save Receipt as PDF
  10. Scan and print off Certification for Jurisdictional Secretaries