Mother Mary J. Walton
Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women


District Missionaries

Mother Mary Tyler - Chairman of the Women's Dept/District Missionary

Missionary Celeste Spruille - District Missionary/Chairlady of District Missionaries/Hospitality

Missionary Mary Robinson - District Missionary

Missionary Bernice Sapp - District Missionary

Mother Virgie Milton - District Missionary/President of State Workers/Finance Expeditor

Missionary Linda Plair - District Missionary

Mother Gwendolyn Anderson - District Missionary

Mother Statha Lewis - District Missionary

Missionary Fatima Anthony - District Missionary/Assist Financial Secretary


Women's Department Administration/Secretarial/Fianance

Sister Katie Tabbs - Jurisdictional Supervisor's Personal Secretary/Member of Finance

Missionary Gloria Edwards - Finance Secretary/Chairman of Finance

Missionary Jackie Browning - Member of Finance

Missionary Norine Crumpe - Member of Finance


Women's Department MIT Special Operations

Missionary Patricia Lewis - MIT DEAN/Chairperson of Pastors & Supt Wives

Evangelist Rahshaan Watson - Assist District Missionary/MIT Assist. Dean

Missionary Camie Lewis - MIT Strategic Planner

Missionary Felicia Armstrong - MIT Credential Secretary/Member of Finance

Women Department Leaders

Dr. Patricia Lewis – Chairperson of Pastor & Superintendent Wives

Missionary Margaret Walker - Assist Chairperson Of Pastors & Superintendents Wives

Mother Bonnie Riggins – President Of Hospitality

Sis. Carolyn Patrick – Co-President Of Hospitality

Sis. Beverly Brascom- PURITY Class

Sis. Leslie Thomas- Sunshine Band

Mother Sarah Nix- Chairperson Prayer and Intersession Ministry

Missionary Delores Anderson, Co-Chairperson Prayer and Intercession Ministry

Mother Rebecca Caines– Co-Chairperson Prayer and Intercession Ministry

Missionary Ella Gill, President YWCC &CWC

Sis. Felicia Henderson, Vice President YWCC &CWC